Why Silver jewelry that wears up to dull

For any woman who enjoys luxury Like simplicity silver jewelry seems to be the best choice.

Because in addition to being beautiful and comfortable to wear. There are also many styles to choose from but the limitation of silver jewelry is “black and easy”. Today we have a good knowledge and advice about putting silver jewelry together.

Why silver jewelry is black or dull? Silver is an element with the symbol Ag, derived from the word Argentum, which is Latin, meaning white and glossy. Silver is a valuable element since ancient times. Silver metal is used to make money. accessories or silverware utensils that are used in the upper classes For the reason that silverware can become dull or black easily Because money is exposed to air that contains sulfur or sulfur (Sulfur or S) as an element When these substances are exposed to silverware will react to a new substance called Silver sulfide (Ag2S) coated on the surface of silver And with the silver sulfide being a black substance. Therefore causing silver to become dull, with black color, not as shiny as it used to be Silver sulfide In addition to being found in the air can also occur in humidity conditions high salt content as well therefore, what to be aware of and should do when wearing silverware is  keep clean wipe the silver jewelry after wearing regularly because the sweat of the person is both acidic. And saltiness as we have always said with the words of the elders “If people are sour meat, the silver will be cooked”, then put it pretty as a metaphor, meaning a person with sour sweat. With weak acidity Will erode the dull silver that is still white and shiny, but if people sweat very salty High salt content the sweat reacts with silver, causing silver sulfide. Avoid spraying perfumes while wearing silver jewelry. Because chemicals in perfume or some kind of lotion Able to react with silverware.

Always remove the silver jewelry When immersed in a mineral water pond or hot springs according to various attractions because in the natural mineral water or hot springs There will be sulfur compounds as components. And reacts with silver sulfide That can make black money Which, if observed well in these tourist attractions, often have a warning sign indicating that removing the silver jewelry before soaking in the water.

Be careful not to use tissue paper

Or non-towels Wiping cloth for wiping silver or unnecessary silverware Because it will cause scratches easily

silver jewelry storage should be stored in a cloth bag or closed plastic bags be careful not to touch the air. Because sulfur in the air has resulted in the silver jewelry being tarnished as shine. All of this is a bit of knowledge and good tips to make your silver jewelry still white. Shine like new or helping to prolong the time for your silverware to slow down Thanks for the good information from https://www.hongfactory.com  

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